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Edema is the medical term for swelling that's caused by extra fluid. Many things can cause edema, from warm weather to thyroid conditions. Doctors usually classify edema as either pitting or.. However, Non-pitting Edema describes the case of a swelling in which the pressure-induced indentation seen in the affected area does not occur. When the cause of this Edema is not an underlying condition, medical experts label it as Idiopathic Edema Non-Pitting Edema. Non-pitting edema is similar to pitting edema save for the indentation (or pit) that remains visible after pressure is applied in a case of pitting edema. Unlike pitting edema, non-pitting edema is much easier to diagnose because it is caused by three very specific conditions: lymphedema, myxedema, and lipedema. Lymphedem Pitting and non-pitting oedema. Pitting and non-pitting oedema. Pitting and non-pitting oedema. Med J Aust. 2016 Aug 15;205(4):157-8.doi: 10.5694/mja16.00416. Authors. Elizabeth Whiting 1 , Madeline E McCready 2. Affiliations. 1Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, QLD Elizabeth.whiting@health.qld.gov.au nonpitting edema edema in which pressure does not leave a depression in the tissues, such as in cellular edema. See also pitting edema . pedal edema swelling of the feet and ankles

Pitting vs non-pitting edema - what is the difference?Learn more here: http://www.progressivehealth.com/pitting-and-non-pitting-edema.htmReduce swelling in y.. When the swollen area is pressed with a finger and it doesn't leave a pit in the skin, this is called non-pitting edema. In non-pitting edema, once the pressure is removed, the skin returns to its swollen shape and does not create an indentation in the skin

痕が残る圧痕性浮腫(pitting edema)と,圧痕が残 らない非圧痕性浮腫(non-pitting edema)がある。 踝や脛骨前面がわかりやすい。圧痕性浮腫は間質 に水分が貯留するためで,ネフローゼ症候群,肝 硬変,心不全でみられる。一方,非圧痕性浮腫 Non-pitting edema is often associated with three medical conditions - myxedema, lipedema, and lymphedema. In myxedema (a condition involving underactive thyroid gland), the tissues are gradually filled with water-loving hyaluronan molecules which attract fluid to the tissues. These molecules absorb water and swell up to cause the edema Nonpitting edema. Definition. A type of edema characterized by residual indentation following the application of pressure to the site of the swelling. A type of edema in which there is no residual indentation following the application of pressure to the site of swelling. Causes

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Non-Pitting Edema won't leave a mark. In both cases the skin will probably feel warm. Pitting Edema is usually caused by: Standing or sitting too long; Pressure from your body weight on one of your arms or legs; Too much sodium in your body; Most of those symptoms are easily remedied. Non-Pitting Edema is more nasty Cardiovascular, renal and hepatic causes usually present as pitting edema. So, the take-home message is that lymphatic obstruction causes a non-pitting type of edema whereas hydrostatic and oncotic pressure changes cause pitting edema Post Views: 13,769 © 2021 - The Calgary Guide to Understanding Disease Disclaime Non-pitting edema can occur in certain disorders of the lymphatic system such as lymphedema, which is a disturbance of the lymphatic circulation that may occur after a mastectomy , lymph node surgery, radiation therapy, morbid obesity, venous insufficiency, or be present from birth (congenitally)

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Edema is an accumulation of fluid in the interstitial space that occurs as the capillary filtration exceeds the limits of lymphatic drainage, producing noticeable clinical signs and symptoms. The.

Non-pitting edema is observed when the indentation does not persist. It is associated with such conditions as lymphedema, lipedema, and myxedema Edema without pitting is more likely to be caused by issues with your thyroid or lymphatic system. Either way, if you have edema, it means that excess fluid is trapped in some of your body tissues.. Structure and Function of the Kidney. Rivka is an active 21-year-old who decided to take a day off from her university classes. The weather was hot and the sun bright, so she decided to go down to the beach. When she arrived, she found a few people playing beach volleyball, and they asked if she wanted to join in

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I have always understood non-pitting edema to be graded as Non-pitting. I have graded it a 1 before when I could make a slight indention in the patient's foot. I've done a lot of assessments. To my knowledge there is only 1 1-4 scale for edema. Let me know if you find out otherwise The result of this inflammatory reaction is a change from the initial pitting edema to the brawny nonpitting edema characteristic of lymphedema. Consequently, local immunologic surveillance is suppressed, and chronic infections, as well as malignant degeneration to lymphangiosarcoma, may occur Pitting vs. non-pitting edema. Edema occurs when fluid that accumulates in tissues leads to swelling. When pressure is applied to a swollen area, it may leave a pit, in the skin Hypothyroidism edema is just one of the many health complications caused by an under active thyroid gland. An edema is the swelling that results from having excess fluids trapped under the skin. Edemas can be pitting or non-pitting. A pitting edema will develop a pit or dent when pressure is applied to the swelling

Non pitting edema usually effects legs or arms, pressure that is applied to the skin does not result in a persistent indentation. One cause of non-pitting edema of the legs is called pretibial myxedema, which is a swelling over the shins that occur in some patients with hypothyroidism. The non-pitting edema of the legs is difficult to treat Aug 5, 2014. The only solution that comes to mind is measurement of the circumference of the extremity. I did a CE on snakebites and, since the edema around the wound is nonpitting, measurements are required to determine if it is getting worse or better (this process is, of course, more complicated than dependent edema or angioedema) Edema can also be classified as PITTING or NON-PITTING. Cutaneous edema is referred to as PITTING when, after pressure is applied to a small area, the indentation persists after the release of the pressure. Peripheral pitting edema is the more common type, resulting from water retention Background. Definition: existence of the excess fluid in the lower extremity resulting in swelling of the feet and extending upward. Further classified as pitting (depress-able) and non-pitting

Pulmonary edema is usually caused by heart failure. There are two types — pitting and non-pitting — and knowing which kind a person has can help a medical professional diagnose the cause. With pitting edema, the swollen area shows indentations when it's touched, and may hold the lines from the socks or stockings Non-pitting edema and rating. by clearblue3. happystudent, RN. Oct 16, 2004. when you press your finger into the skin. it makes a pit. Then you decied how deep it is by how far down the indentation is. +1+2+3 Pitting vs. Non-Pitting Edema Pitting= Movement of excess interstitial fluid, in response to pressure; usually unilateral (often DVTs ) Non-Pitting= Lymphatic obstruction preventing drainage into the thoracic duct and venous system; usually 2o to cancer treatmen Lymphedema often presents clinically as unilateral, soft, pitting edema that, over time, progresses to fibrosis. There may be pain in the affected limb with a feeling of heaviness and tightness. 18 Skin manifestations include the appearance of peau d'orange (dimpling), hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis, and cellulites. 1

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What Are the Causes of Unilateral Upper Limb Edema? Unilateral upper limb edema refers to the swelling of the soft tissues of either the right or left arm or hand. Edema is more common in the legs and feet. If it occurs in the upper extremity, it is usually due to problems with drainage of the blood or lymph from the arm Non-pitting edema usually reflects a condition in which plasma proteins have accumulated in the tissue spaces and coagulated. This usually occurs in high protein edema following increased permeability (infection or trauma) or lymphedema. Besides, if edema persists for a long duration, it tends to get organized with proliferation of fibroblasts.

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  1. This protein-mucopolysaccharide complex binds water, producing non-pitting boggy edema, in particular around eyes, hands, feet and in the supraclavicular fossae. Myxoedema is responsible for the thickening of the tongue and the laryngeal and pharyngeal mucous membranes, which results in thick slurred speech and hoarseness, both of which are.
  2. Edema is the accumulation of fluid, either in cells or in interstitial space. Normally there is some fluid in the interstitial space, approximately 20% of the body weight. Some conditions can cause this amount to increase, resulting in edema. There are two types of edema- pitting and non-pitting
  3. Dr. Oscar Novick answered. 58 years experience Pediatrics. Pitting edema: Bilateral can either be caused by systemic disease or localized causes. Systemically cardiac, liver or kidneys problems can cause edema. Locally . Tig Read More. 0. 0 comment
  4. Non-pitting edema can occur in certain disorders of the lymphatic system such as lymphedema, which is a disturbance of the lymphatic circulation that may occur after a mastectomy, lymph node surgery, radiation therapy, morbid obesity, venous insufficiency, or be present from birth (congenitally)

Assess how far up the body the edema goes (1+ pitting edema on the chest wall may be more significant than 3+ pretibial pitting edema) The indention recovery time (how long it takes for the indention to refill) can be helpful in determining diagnosis Swelling (tumor), redness (rubor), heat (calor) and pain (dolor) are seen with the above conditions, which makes for a difficult differentiation. The amount of postoperative edema can be excessive as a result of a patient's response to the injury, a more significant tissue injury or extensive procedure, or patient non-compliance (Fig. 30.9.

非圧痕性浮腫 (non pitting edema)を生じる疾患. 2016/10/10 2016/12/22 医学知識, 鑑別・症候. 6. ツイート. スポンサーリンク. 甲状腺機能低下症に伴う粘液水腫. 甲状腺機能亢進症に伴う前脛骨粘液水腫. リンパ浮腫. 乳癌の手術でリンパ節郭清を行った結果、腕のリンパ. Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body's tissues. Although edema can affect any part of your body, you may notice it more in your hands, arms, feet, ankles and legs. Edema can be the result of medication, pregnancy or an underlying disease — often congestive heart failure, kidney disease or cirrhosis of the liver This page includes the following topics and synonyms: Edema Exam, Edema Evaluation, Pitting Edema, Brawny Edema, Dependent Edema, Non-Pitting Edema (Non-pitting edema C1265804), Peripheral Edema Pengertian Edema ( Pitting edema dan edema non-pitting ) Pembengkakan pada bagian tubuh seseorang kadang-kadang menjadi masalah yang serius, apalagi jika pembengkakn tersebut berisi air. Keadaan pembengkakn ini di sebut dengan edema, dimana mungkin ini adalah salah satu penyakit yang cukup sering di temukan, berikut adalah penjelasan lebih. Weeping Edema or commonly called swelling is defined as the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues. This is often brought about by a serious medical condition and is a alarming and life threatening. Types. There are 4 types of edema: Pulmonary edema is the type where fluid leaks to the air spaces of alveoli which is found in lungs

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부종의 정도 측정( Edema grading) 부종은 크게 함요 부종 (pitting edema) 과 비 함요 부종 (non-pitting edema) 으로 나눈다. 함요 부종은 심장, 신장 질환과의 연관성을 비 함요 부종은 임파부종, 지방 부종, 팽만성 부종 등을 고려한다. 부종을 측정하는 방식은 가) 깊이 측정과 나) 시간 측정 방식이 있 Pitting edema is diagnosed by pushing on the area of swelling and seeing if there is an indentation or pit in the tissue. It usually lasts for a few seconds. With non-pitting edema, which is more severe edema, the tissue is so firm it doesn't indent when pushed on Edema Types. Description . Cutaneous edema. It occurs when a small area gets pressurized and the indentation continues even after the pressure is removed. Peripheral pitting edema. It is a common type which comes about when there is water retention and can be caused by various conditions like heart failure, pregnancy or diseases. Non-pitting edema Corresponding Author. Elizabeth.whiting@health.qld.gov.au; Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, QLD. Correspondence: Elizabeth.whiting@health.qld.gov.au Search for more.

  1. Angioedema is a clinical diagnosis characterized by the abrupt onset of non-pitting, non-pruritic swelling that involves the reticular dermis, subcutaneous, and submucosal layers. Angioedema may be life-threatening, depending on the underlying cause and the body location affected. Airway involvement is usually the immediate life-threat
  2. The result of this inflammatory reaction is a change from the initial pitting edema to the brawny nonpitting edema characteristic of lymphedema. Consequently, local immunologic surveillance is suppressed, and chronic infections, as well as malignant degeneration to lymphangiosarcoma, may occur
  3. Non-pitting edema รักษายาก มักไม่ตอบสนองต่อการให้ยาขับปัสสาวะ การยกขาสูงหรือการใช้วัสดุกดรัดจะได้ผลดีกว่า
  4. Edema is also known as oedema, hydropsy and dropsy.It usually affects the ankles, hands, legs and feet. Common symptoms of edema include puffiness, swelling, stretched or shiny skin. There are various home remedies for dealing with edema in feet, legs and ankles
  5. What is the difference between the physiology of pitting and non pitting edema? Case Study: Case Study Posting Requirements. Make sure all of the topics in the case study have been addressed. Cite at least three sources; journal articles, textbooks or evidenced-based websites to support the content. All sources must be within five years
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Peripheral edema, which is usually seen as pitting edema of the legs and feet, also occurs in cirrhosis. The edema is a consequence of the hypoalbuminemia and the kidneys retaining salt and water. The presence or absence of edema in patients with cirrhosis and ascites is an important consideration in the treatment of the ascites What Is Pitting Edema? Pitting edema is when a swollen part of your body has a dimple (or pit) after you press it for a few seconds. It can be a sign of a serious health issue. Pitting vs. Non. A common challenge for primary care physicians is to determine the cause and find an effective treatment for leg edema of unclear etiology. We were unable to find existing practice guidelines that address this problem in a comprehensive manner. This article provides clinically oriented recommendations for the management of leg edema in adults. We searched on-line resources, textbooks, and. Edema, unspecified. R60.9 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes. The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM R60.9 became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of R60.9 - other international versions of ICD-10 R60.9 may differ Pitting edema is the term used to describe edema when pressure applied to the skin of the swollen area is released and an indentation is left behind (e.g. when the skin is pressed with a finger or when stockings or socks induce indentation). Non-pitting edema is the term used to describe edema when this pressure-induced indentation does not.

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a non-pitting edema | non-pitting edemas / non-pitting edemata. -. med. non - pitting edema. nicht eindrückbares Ödem {n} Teilweise Übereinstimmung. med. pitting edema. eindrückbares Ödem {n} med. non -cardiogenic pulmonary edema <NCPE> [Am. Periorbital edema, or eye puffiness, is the medical condition where the tissues surrounding the eye become swollen.This is primarily due to an inflammatory process that results in fluid buildup. Pitting edema can usually be identified when a person applies pressure to the swollen portion of the skin. If pitting edema is present, an indication will persist after the pressure is released. Pitting edema is more common that non-pitting edema, where an indentation does not persist after the release of pressure to the swollen area

Pitting edema는 부은 곳을 눌러보면 한동안 누른 자국이 계속되고 (실제로 보면 찰흙을 눌러놓은 듯한 느낌입니다), non의 경우는 눌리긴 하는데 손가락을 떼면 원상복귀 됩니다. 1) Pitting - 간경변 등. 혈액 내 알부민 저하로 혈관 내 oncotic pr. 감소 -> 혈관외 ECF로. This video will walk you through the basics of pitting edema and how to grade it during the patient assessment. For more great free training, visit our websi.. Pitting Edema. Pitting edema swelling is visually notable. Its called pitting when you press your fingers, and an indentation or pit is left in the skin. This indentation that stays even after you let go, is what makes the pitting different from non-pitting type of edema. Socks and shoes will likewise leave an impression. Understanding Pitting. Non-Pitting Edema Patient was educated on non-pitting edema as follows: This is the type of edema, which does not leave any indentation, after applying gentle pressure to the site of swelling with a finger and holding the pressure for 5 seconds

Define nonpitting edema. nonpitting edema synonyms, nonpitting edema pronunciation, nonpitting edema translation, English dictionary definition of nonpitting edema. also oe·de·ma n. pl. e·de·mas or e·de·ma·ta also oe·de·mas or oe·de·ma·ta 1 Non-pitting edema, ichthyosis and arthritis are uncommon in leprosy and very rare in tuberculoid type where the diagnosis may be challenging unlike relatively clear-cut clinical picture in lepromatous type. Musculoskeletal manifestation is seen in 1-5% of cases and usually associated with reactional states where again the diagnosis sometimes. Types of Edema. Pitting Edema. If an indent appears after pressing a swollen area, it is known as pitting edema. Potting edema may be caused because of a problem with veins, heart, kidneys, or liver. Non-pitting Edema. Non pitting edema occurs when there is no indent left after pressing a swollen part

The Life/form® Non-Pitting Edema Trainer represents a non-pitting stage of edema, also known as brawny edema, which is a very hard, fibrotic tissue that does not indent when pressed. The life-like simulated tissue feels rock-hard, making pitting impossible. For comparison, the trainer also includes a Stage 3+ (6mm) edema pad with deep pitting that remains for a short time when the tissue is. 3:pitting edema (fast edema/ slow edema), non-pitting edemaに分類. 病態. 浮腫に関与する病態Starlingの法則 1:血管透過性亢進(炎症・アレルギー) 2:毛細血管圧亢進(体液量増加:心不全・腎不全

主要是non-pitting edema (6) 藥物造成的edema: CCB:precapillary sphicter擴張,導致水分滲漏出微血管,產生水腫; NSAIDs、Steroid、Estrogen等都可以造成水腫; 理學檢查 (1) Pitting edema的grading: 可以分成四個等 non-pitting edema:팽만성,림프성,지방성부종. <부종 측정하는 방법>. 깊이,시간 측정. 1)측정할 부위를 3-5 초 간 부드럽게 압력을 가한 후 재 빨리 손을 뗌. 2)부종의 정도는 4점 척도. 1+ : 경도의 요흔성 부종:쉽게 회복. 정상 발과 다리모양보다 조금 인지할수 있는 2mm. I've never had pitting edema, in fact my swelling in pregnancy #1 was very minimal and only in my legs/feet. Because the swelling is so different from woman to woman, and even non-existant in many cases, it's no longer used as a diagnostic criteria. It's still an important symptom to watch out for though

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The incidence of leg swelling on metoprolol is about 1% according to the prescribing information. Fortunately, this side effect is typically mild and temporary. It if is to occur, it generally happens at the onset of therapy but subsides completely over time. It is important to be on the look out for edema or swelling if it occurs suddenly and. Non-pitting Edema: If no indentation is left on the skin, after you press a finger into the swollen area, for about five seconds, the condition is known as Non-pitting Edema [npa1.org] There are two types of edema, pitting and non-pitting. [study.com] This may cause a non-.

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Non-pitting edema is where there is swelling of a body part with no indentation upon applying pressure. Pitting edema is the more common type of edema. [healthhype.com] Root in the medicinal part which is used in constipation, abdominal pain, general anasarca, piles, calculus,. Stomach edema, also referred to ascites, occurs when fluid accumulates in the tissues of the abdominal cavity. The accumulation of fluid occurs when the smallest blood vessels, the capillaries, leak fluid abnormally, and the kidneys begin to retain water in an effort to compensate for the fluid loss The balance of fluid can also contribute to swelling related to edema. According to MedlinePlus, too many fluids in the body (aka fluid imbalance) can be caused by too low or high levels of sodium and potassium as well as dehydration.When the body is dehydrated, it retains water. If your hands swell after eating sugar or you experience a puffy face after eating carbs, consider the combination.

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  1. Musculoskeletal: nonpitting edema, scoliosis, genu valgum, slipped femoral epiphyses, polydactyly, small hands or feet Appareil locomoteur: oedème qui ne prend pas le godet, scoliose, genou cagneux, épiphysiolyse, polydactylisme, mains ou pieds de petite dimension. Extremities become increasingly swollen, with a progression over time from pitting edema, to nonpitting edema, to sclerotic.
  2. Diffuse, non-pitting edema (swelling) - the most common form; Plaque form - raised plaques on a background of non-pitting edema; Nodular form - sharply circumscribed tubular or nodular lesions; Elephantiasic form - nodular lesions with pronounced lymphedema (swelling due to accumulation of lymphatic tissue fluid)
  3. e and other mediators that lead to vasodilation. The swelling can involve the face, lips, tongue and even glottis
  4. pitting edema と non-pitting edema ・軽く開いた3本指(第2~4指)で浮腫面を約 10 秒ほど強く圧迫し、指を離した後に凸凹を確認する。凸凹が残るものをpitting edema、凸凹が残らないものをnon-pitting edemaという。 ・細胞間隙に貯留する 水分に流動性がある 場合は pitting.
  5. Pitting Edema Non Usually due to intravascular issues; lymphatics unblocked, so pressing on edema pushes fluid into lymph vessels; temporary lymphatic drinage Myxedemacauses pitting. -pitting Edema Localized Generalized: Tissue is deposited under the skin; edema is not just fluid, so doesn't leave pits 2 basic pathophysiologica
  6. Edema can be characterized as either pitting or nonpitting edema. Pitting edema is present when applying pressure to the swelling with a finger leads to an indentation, or a pit, in the skin. The depth and time required for the indentation to resolve are used to grade the degree of pitting edema
  7. Non-pitting edema is observed when the indentation does not persist. It is associated with such conditions as lymphedema , lipedema , and myxedema . Edema caused by malnutrition defines kwashiorkor , an acute form of childhood protein-energy malnutrition characterized by edema, irritability, anorexia, ulcerating dermatoses , and an enlarged.

Unilateral swelling, particularly of the calf, suggests a DVT. Oedema in angio-oedema is mainly restricted to the face and lips, although any part of the body may be affected. Hydroceles: fluid often accumulates in the scrotal sac - eg, in nephrotic syndrome. Pitting-dependent oedema will become sacral if bed-bound Swelling that doesn't indent if you apply pressure to it (called non-pitting edema). Swelling that persists all day, even when legs are elevated. Bruising easily

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Edema dependen adalah istilah yang digunakan dokter untuk menggambarkan pembengkakan terkait gravitasi di tubuh bagian bawah. Gravitasi memiliki efek menarik cairan ke bawah menuju bumi, menyebabkannya terlalu menggenang di bagian tubuh yang paling bawah, seperti kaki, tungkai, atau tangan what is non pitting edema. tissue is firm, blockage present, lots of pressure does not allow fluid to move. tissue is swollen, hard and inelastic w fibrotic changes in connective tissue, skin discoloration. brawny. What are the 4 signs of edema. lymphatic, venous, traumatic (inflammation), systemic (organ failure Non editorial. Image size. Measurement. Pixels. Measurement. Min width. Min height. Safe search. On. Off. Shutterstock's safe search will exclude restricted content from your search results. pitting edema images. 52 pitting edema stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See pitting edema stock video clips. of 1. Try. ASSESSMENT OF PITTING EDEMA 2mm or less = 1 + Edema 2-4mm = 2 + Edema 4-6mm = 3 + Edema 6-8mm = 4 + Edema 3 Slight pitting 3 No visible distortion 3 Disappears rapidly 3 Somewhat deeper pit 3 No readably detectable distortion 3 Disappears in 10-15 seconds (2-4 mm indent) 3 Pit is noticeably deep 3 May last more than 1 minut

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Definition (MEDLINEPLUS) Edema means swelling caused by fluid in your body's tissues. It usually occurs in the feet, ankles and legs, but it can involve your entire body. Causes of edema include. Eating too much salt. Sunburn. Heart failure. Kidney disease. Liver problems from cirrhosis Hoarseness & Joint-swelling & Non-pitting-edema Symptom Checker: Possible causes include Angioedema. Check the full list of possible causes and conditions now! Talk to our Chatbot to narrow down your search We're talking about pitting edema; non-pitting lymphedema is rare, associated with lymphatic disorders [which can also pit] & hypothyroidism. The best way to quantitate the edema, which is essential during follow-up, is by body weight. Determine if the edema is unilateral or bilateral. Unilateral pedal edema is due to venous obstruction Edema is the swelling of tissues as a result of excess water accumulation. Peripheral edema occurs in the feet and legs. There are two types of edema, non-pitting edema and pitting edema. Causes of pitting edema is caused by systemic diseases (most commonly involving the heart, liver, and kidneys), and medications

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Most general practitioners and hospital clinicians are familiar with women who complain of non-menstrually-related swelling of their face, hands, abdomen and feet. Physical examination usually shows no evidence of pitting oedema and investigation reveals no evidence of cardiac, hypoproteinaemic or obstructive causes for oedema What does nonpitting mean? (medicine) Where, after pressure is applied to a small area of the skin, the indentation does not persist for some time. Pitting: อาการบวม แบ่งออกเป็น 2 ชนิด คือ. 1) อาการบวมกดไม่บุ๋ม (Non-Pitting Edema) 2) อาการบวมกดบุ๋ม (Pitting Edema) แบ่งออกเป็น 4 ระดับ ดังนี้. ระดับ 1+ กดบุ๋ม.

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  • مطعم المنوفي للمشويات التجمع الخامس.
  • قصة وأصبحت علماً أخضر.
  • فيلي تشيز ستيك مطعم.
  • علامة التعجب بالانجليزي.
  • The Ant Bully مدبلج كامل.
  • حكم ضرب الزوجة واهانتها.
  • السوق المفتوح لبيع سيارات السوبر صالون موديل 1985.
  • ما هو اقصى عمق استطاع الانسان الوصول اليه في باطن الأرض.
  • قصص عن طلب العلم من حياة الأنبياء.
  • مميزات وعيوب كلاب البيتبول.
  • من هو نيوتن.
  • موسيقى حبيبتي.